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Action Back - A flex panel or bellows panel built into the rear shoulders or back that increases flexibility when reaching for the handlebars.

Aerodynamic Speed Hump - A padded hump that bridges the gap between the helmet and back thus providing positive aerodynamics and increased safety in case of an impact.

Air-Mesh - Breathable lining.

Aquatherm Liner - Tour Master’s exclusive two-stage zip together liner featuring a waterproof and wind-proof layer and a second insulating liner to increase warmth in colder climates.  The two stages can be used together or independently for maximum versatility.

Aqua-Barrier Hood - A proprietary under-helmet hood design that prevents rain from seeping down a rider's neck while maintaining comfort and visibility for the wearer. {U.S. Pat. Pending, Appl.# 11/831,874}
Armor-Link Mesh - Tour Master’s original abrasion resistant mesh technology.

Ballistic Weave -  A fabric weave originally developed for bulletproof armor vests, man-made fiber with a  ballistic weave are known for their high level of abrasion resistance.

Bemberg® - A soft and durable lining material that is the man-made equivalent to silk.

Carbolex® - A highly abrasion-resistant nylon fabric that is easy to maintain and provides superior long-term durability.

CE-Approved Armor -  Body armor panels that have passed the appropriate quality assurance tests for safety certification within the European Union. A manufacturer must test both the product and manufacturing process with a qualified third party in order to obtain the certification.

Clarino - Synthetic leather that is comfortable, breathable and abrasion resistant.

Collar Anchor -  A system designed to help eliminate jacket collars from flapping, especially when the collar is opened to increase ventilation.

COOL MAX - Performance fabric that includes reflective fiver-based moisture management system.

Denier - A unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibers, for comparison, a single strand of silk is 1 denier.

Dobby 400 Denier Nylon - A softer nylon material sometimes used in non-impact areas of ladies riding apparel to provide a softer, less stiff feel to the overall garment while maintaining abrasion resistance.

Dupont® Thermolite - A breathable, waterproof material that consists.

ESO Zipper - Highly engineered zippers that provide enhanced durability and ease of use.

Exkin Air - A water-repellent quick-drying liner used for insulation.

Fourchettes - Strips of material between the fingers of a glove that join the palm and top sections.

Hipora® - A breathable, waterproof material that consists of a three-layer micro porous coating structure.

Kevlar® - Innovative fiber technology from DuPont® that is incredibly strong, very light in weight and is best known for its use in bullet proof vests.

Mandarin Collar  - A short-cut, stand-up type of unfolded collar. 

McFit - A combination of glue and other colusives allow liners to be glued in, not sewn, thus reducing the possibility of errors and enhancing the feel of the glove.

McTex - A waterproof breathable barrier that is applied with glue and other cohesives; not sewn.

Microfiber  - Fabric technology that extrudes extremely fine filaments (less than 1.0 denier) allowing for an extremely soft feeling fabric while maintaining all of the strength of other outer wear fabrics.

Mycro Tech - A highly abrasion-resistant synthetic leather.

Phoslite® - Reflective technology to enhance visibility that is composed of millions of “retro-reflective” lenses bonded to a fabric.

 Pipeline Ventilation System -  Tour Master’s proprietary system of internal channels within a garment that are designed to maximize ventilation while eliminating garment billowing at speed.  This system allows ventilation to pass through the waterproof barrier into the garment’s interior while maintaining waterproof properties.

Pittards - A type of High-performance leather.

Polyfill - An insulating material produced with a random arrangement of fibers that increases warmth to a garment or glove.

Polyurethane Backing - A waterproof barrier created by bonding polyurethane onto textiles.

Rainblocker Liner - Removable, waterproof and breathable garment lining.

Rainguard - A breathable barrier technology that has pores larger than air molecules but smaller than water molecules to allow perspiration exhaust and eliminate rain or water from penetrating a garment.

Ripstop Nylon - A lightweight, water-repellent nylon fabric with interwoven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, so the material better resists ripping or tearing.

Scoop Vent System -  A hook and loop fastening system that allows a wearer to keep a vent folded open, turning the vent flap into an air scoop that inducts more air into a garment.

SP Memory Foam - Soft, flexible and durable polymer foam padding for protection and vibration dampening.

3M Scotchlite® - Retro-reflective lens technology bonded to a fabric for superior visibility in low-light conditions.

Stretch Cordura® - An extremely abrasion resistant and flexible material, CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

Taslan - A type of woven polyester fabric that is very strong and durable.

Takeup Straps - Adjustable straps at the forearm and bicep to secure elbow armor and material as well as maximize vent openings.

TecnoGI - Thermoplastic toe and heel cup adds rigidity and protection.

TFL® Cooling Leather - A leather treatment that reflects UV Rays, resulting in a %15 surface temperature decrease compared to standard leather.

3M Thinsulate - Unique micro-fibers that trap warm air inside the garment and keep cold air out.

Three Position Knee Armor Alignment System - An exclusive Tour Master armor attachment system allowing riders to precisely position knee armor to best fit their particular knee to shin length relationship.

TPR - Thermoplastic rubber, a highly durable yet tactile synthetic for zipper pulls, belts and logos.

TPU - Thermoplastic Urethane, a highly durable protective piece.

Triple Density Back Protector - A three layer back protector comprised of a soft inner lining, a foam core and a hard foam outer shell.

YKK® Zipper - Highly engineered zippers that provide enhanced durability and ease of use.

Z.O.Q. - Tour Master’s exclusive Zip Out Quilted liner allowing for very warm insulation in a less bulky garment.


Get out and make your adventure happen today! Tourmaster strives to develop products that are both cost effective and made of quality components.  We at Tourmaster feel that your next memory is only a turn away. Getting out on the open road  enhances one's quality of life and gives you a chance to experience new things.  All on a motorcycle.



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